Reengineering Your Healthcare Experience
Provide your employees and their families with the support, advocacy and technology to be better healthcare consumers
Rightway Solution

Rightway provides a comprehensive consumer healthcare ecosystem, combining cutting edge technology and dedicated healthcare professionals to optimize expenditure and to produce delightful experiences for Rightway members
The Rightway Difference
We are working with companies to change the healthcare experience for their employees.

When your employees have the tools and support they need to make better decisions around their healthcare, engagement and member satisfaction increases, resulting in better health outcomes and a decrease in total expenditure.

We create happier employees and healthier companies.
Healthier, more productive and cost efficient workforces
Personalized Support
Each employee is matched with a Rightway Navigator to provide support, information and guidance at every stage of care. Our navigators are available via a live call, mobile messaging or through the application. Rightway navigators provide the doctor-in-the-family type support to handle all of your healthcare needs.
Cutting Edge Technology
The Rightway application provides your employees with the front door into their healthcare experience. Find a doctor, connect with your navigator, understand your benefits, shop prescription drugs – all your healthcare tools, all in one place. Rightway creates comprehensive care plans with the actionable information you need to optimize your care.
Quantifiable Results
Rightway holds itself accountable to HR and the C-Suite to provide data and insight to demonstrate the efficacy of the program. Rightway will provide detailed monthly and quarterly reports that measure engagement, utilization and return on investment. Rightway also provides HR live dashboards to monitor all aspects of Rightway. With Rightway, you and your team will understand the efficacy and impact on spend, engagement and satisfaction.
Engagement, Engagement, Engagement
We think of Rightway as an engagement company as much as we do a healthcare navigation service. We work with HR to design custom engagement approaches that drive industry leading results. Meeting your employees wherever they are and making them aware of Rightway’s services and value-add is our goal. We build insight, relationships and trust throughout the experience to influence behavior and improve outcomes.

Why Companies Love Rightway

  • Engaged, satisfied employees
  • Robust reporting and metrics to understand efficacy of program
  • Profit center within HR Suite
  • Return on investment focus
  • Industry leading member satisfaction scores

Why Employees Love Rightway

  • All your healthcare navigation tools available on a single screen
  • Personalized support with Rightway Navigators
  • One person to solve all of your healthcare navigation and logistical challenges
  • Tools and resources to be empowered and to feel supported