How We Do It
A High-Touch, High-Tech Approach
Your Rightway Navigator
Your Rightway Technology Platform
Your Healthcare, Simplified
Rightway Solution

Rightway provides a comprehensive consumer healthcare ecosystem, combining cutting edge technology and dedicated healthcare professionals to optimize expenditure and to produce delightful experiences for Rightway members

Concierge Support

  • Each member is assigned to a personalized Rightway Navigator to provide support and information at every stage of care
  • Our Navigators focus on building relationships and trust with each member to improve behavior and optimize outcomes
  • Navigators are available by phone, text, email or the application and are there to solve healthcare problems, big and small

Mobile App

  • Rightway’s mobile and web based application centralizes all the resources and tools members need to act as empowered, supported and cost aware consumers
  • The application includes tools like telemedicine, medical bill advocacy, prescription pricing tools, educational materials from the Mayo Clinic, and price transparency for services and procedures

Personalized Engagement

  • High-Tech, High-Touch Approach
  • Multi-Channel Outreach
  • Comprehensive Introductions
  • Build Trust & Awareness
  • Data Driven Content
  • Proactive Outreach
Accountability and Reporting
Live Dashboards
Management has 24/7 access to engagement, utilization and spend dashboards to monitor the efficacy of the program
Quantifiable ROI
Rightway is not only committed to creating happier and healthier employees, but also to generating reduction in total spend and increasing employee productivity
Quarterly Reviews
Rightway is committed to driving results. Through monthly and quarterly presentations, we hold ourselves accountable and collaborate on ways to improve
Smart Engagement
We use data analytics and predictive modeling to engage the relevant members in your population and drive results
A Complete Solution
Coordinates Your Care Across Technology & Services

Rightway provides your employees with a clear understanding of benefits, cost & quality options, medication options and medical education

Build Trust & Awareness

Rightway introduces a comprehensive mobile application, navigation / concierge support, alongside data driven, proactive messaging & outreach

Comprehensive Introductions

Rightway creates individual on-boarding plans for each member. This personalized approach ensures members understand full value-prop from the start

Data Driven Engagement

Rightway utilizes advanced and predictive analytics to know when and how to engage your population