How We Help
Optimize the health and healthcare of your company
Industry Leading Engagement
Empowered Employees
Better Health Outcomes & Lower Healthcare Costs
Industry Leading Engagement
Rightway offers a personalized engagementexperience that builds trust and helps members gain confidence in their healthcare decisions
Quantifiable Metrics
Rightway’s impact starts in Year 1, generating a 3:1 return on investment
Member Satisfaction
Rightway has 75+ Net Promoter Scores compared to healthcare industry averages of <15
High Cost Claimant Management
Rightway engages and provides support to 50%+ of the highest cost claimants
“Working with Rightway has changed our members healthcare experience for the better.

They are proactive, solving difficult healthcare problems and making sure our members are saving time and money.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are starting to see important areas where our healthcare spend is declining as an organization.”
— Rightway Customer, CEO
Optimize Your Healthcare Spend
Engaged, Happy Employees that Feel Supported and Empowered in their Healthcare Journey

Rightway is the front door into your members healthcare experience. Our high-tech, high-touch approach allows our care teams to form continuity and connectivity with members. Rightway members are never alone – they are supported in real time with real health experts with the click of a button.

Cost Savings for Employers and its Members

Today's healthcare consumers have more money at stake, more choices to make and more information to consider than ever before. Rightway provides the transparency to members to understand and optimize their out of pocket and total healthcare expenditure. The same sort of transparency and accountability is available to HR and the C-Suite to understand the total spend and utilization of Rightway.

Real Time Analytics to Measure and Quantify Rightway’s Efficacy

Your team will be empowered with real time dashboards to take a proactive approach in reducing spend and getting your members the support they need. Rightway provides real-time dashboards and monthly/quarterly packages with all the key performance metrics. You will never be left wondering the ROI or impact the Rightway program is providing.

HR Team Efficiency

Let Rightway take the burden off HR by helping your employees move through their healthcare process, resolving any issues along the way.