The Rightway Story

Healthcare is at an inflection point and consumers and companies need to adapt...

There is a momentous shift in financial responsibility to individual shoppers. The shift is happening at the point of care, where higher deductibles, copays, and coinsurance make active consumers of previously passive patients.

With accessible, actionable information about the price and quality of procedures, individuals are empowered to make decisions about their own care.

When meaningful financial exposure meets actionable information, the result is a functioning, consumer-driven marketplace where innovation can flourish

Rightway focuses on the whole solution rather than isolated drivers

We want to fundamentally change the consumer healthcare experience with:

• Robust transparency tools on cost & quality

• Hands-on patient navigation

• Personalized guidance

• Single portal into all your healthcare information

We are committed to a solution that works for employer and employee...Powerful technology with a human twist

High-Tech:  A single interface to help customers understand their disease process and create the “roadmap” to highest quality and most cost efficient treatment options

High-Touch: Dedicated patient navigators and healthcare professionals to support you through every step of your care continuum

Employers want to control rising healthcare costs and create a happy and productive workforce. Employers will provide their employees access to Rightway’s solution, helping them manage and drive down total healthcare expenditures. Baseline assessment of employee population and constant individualized plans and roadmaps to improve overall health.

We’re eliminating the pain-points consumers face when finding the right care

Being able to compare procedures across cost, quality and on a personalized platform but also being able to interact with your dedicated navigator to hold the employees hand across the care continuum.

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