Rightway delivers a quantifiable return on investment for employers
Financial ROI

Reducing the medical cost trend is a goal of every organization. Rightway has generated reductions in total medical cost trend, preventable utilization and employee out of pocket expenditure.

Productivity ROI

Today's healthcare consumers have more money at stake, more choices to make and more information to consider than ever before. Rightway provides the transparency to members to understand and optimize their out of pocket and total healthcare expenditure. The same sort of transparency and accountability is available to HR and the C-Suite to understand the total spend and utilization of Rightway.

Clinical ROI

Your team will be empowered with real time dashboards to take a proactive approach to reducing spend and getting your members the support they need. You will never be left wondering the ROI or impact the Rightway program is providing.

Rightway Engagement Results
Continuity through Navigation

When Mrs. Jones reached out to Rightway she wanted to know if Rightway could help her husband find cheaper insulin to treat his diabetes. He had just been admitted to the hospital as he could not find affordable insulin. She noted that Mr. Jones visits the Emergency Room multiple times a year and ends up admitted at least once a year due to his diabetes. Not only was Rightway's navigation team able to find Mr. Jones free insulin, but our team was also able to help Mr. Jones create and implement a discharge plan finding an Endocrinologist and Primary care doctor in his area.

On the Move

As a union family, the Joneses move every few months to a new town for a new job. In the past, this was when the healthcare disasters would ensue. Often unable to find doctors and unable to find medications, Mr. Jones would inevitably end up in the Emergency Room. Now, with the help of his trusted Rightway navigator Mr. Jones found options for a new Endocrinologist and Primary Care Doctor. Rightway takes it even a step further and provides conversion support. Rightway will schedule the doctor's appointment for members, making it easier for people like Mr. Jones to take action.

“The healthcare system is byzantine and intimidating for patients to deal with. Rightway makes it easy and user friendly.”
— Rightway Member
“Before Rightway it was incredibly time-consuming to locate and evaluate medical professionals in my insurance plan, to schedule appointments, to navigate and understand (and if necessary contest) medical bills and charges.”
— Rightway Member
“Rightway is my personal healthcare consultant; they take a lot of the mystery & frustrating effort out of dealing with the healthcare system.”
— Rightway Member
“I had the opportunity to use Rightway recently and they were amazing. They were incredibly responsive and helpful. They helped me with doctors and PT for post op recovery here and in another location when I will be out of town.”
— Rightway Member
“I signed up with Rightway because my husband and I were always intimidated by the healthcare system. During my husband’s last hospital stay, Rightway prepared us for his discharge by arranging doctors appointments and medications. Wherever we go, Rightway goes with us.”
— Rightway Member
“In the case of my knee replacement, I had to pay upfront. Our insurance carrier only reimbursed me 5%. I asked our HR department to challenge the amount and, despite their efforts, the carrier did not increase the reimbursement. I turned to Rightway and six weeks later I received full reimbursement from the carrier.”
— Rightway Member